International Contemporary Art Gallery

alejandrogallery is a place to promote, share, exhibit, and sell contemporary art.


  • Our slogan is: "painting is reborn"

  • Painting must come back with power in the contemporary art scene

  • We know that artists actually work in various media, but to focus on painting is to concentrate our effort on promoting a part of contemporary art.


alejandrogallery start with an international team of collaborators: gallerists, artists, curators and collectors, doing a sinergia work to create oportunities for international exhibitions, and sales of the emergent contemporary Art. 

Galería Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo

alejandrogallery es un sitio donde promover, compartir, exponer y vender arte contemporáneo.


  • ¡La pintura ha renacido!

  • La pintura debe volver con fuerza a la escena del Arte Contemporáneo.

  • Sabemos que los artistas trabajan varios medios, pero enfocarnos en la pintura permite concentrar nuestro esfuerzo y finalmente conseguir la promoción del Arte Contemporáneo.


alejandrogallery parte con un equipo internacional de colaboradores: galeristas, artistas, curadores y coleccionistas, que trabaja en sinergia para crear oportunidades internacionales de exposición y venta de arte contemporáneo emergente.

Danish artists, collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Spain

Danish artists, collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Spain

Our first exhibition was Frederik Naebleroed (Gallery's artist), in March 2014, and later, Kirsa Andreasen (Galerie Wolfsen's artist), in May 2014.In both exhibitions, the Embassy of Denmark is collaborating with Alejandrogallery to promoting the exhibitions in his website and...



Alejandrogallery is attending in September 2014 to the international Art Fair: Art Copenhagen. September 19th to 21th. The artworks are from:Paulo Escobar, Juan Miguel Palacios, Frederik Naebleroed, Joan Cabrer, Luca Benites, Oscar Padilla, Rafael Guerrero and Sergi Mesa.We...

ART + LITERATURE at Llibreria Calders

ART + LITERATURE at Llibreria Calders

We are happy to start a serie of collaborations with Lliberia Calders, connecting Art with Books. The first event was last July 19th, talking about paintings of Eva Bosch and the book of Raimon Casellas: "Els sots feréstecs". Lecturers: Ms. Maria Campillo, Ms. Mita...



Alejandrogallery is promoting some exhibitions curated outside of the white cube of the gallery. Casa del Llibre, Rambla Catalunya, is offering his space to show contemporary Art.The paintings of Sergi Mesa were the first exhibition, from July 19th to August 14th. A new...

SWAB Barcelona 2014

SWAB Barcelona 2014

We are delighted to announce our participation in the Contemporary Art Fair, SWAB. This fair will be in Barcelona, October 2nd to 5th. Thanks to the organization of the Fair for approving our project in MYFAF, young galleries with young artists born after 1970.Our selection...

La peinture renaît!

La peinture doit revenir avec force sur la scène de l'Art Contemporain.

Современная живопись возродилась!

Живопись должна вернуть своё достойное положение в современном искусстве.



الفنّ التشكيلي وُلد من جديد!

الرسم التصويري يجب أن يرجع بقوة الى ساحة الفن المعاصر

Die Malerei erwacht wieder

Die Malerei soll mit Kraft in die zeitgenössische Kunstszene zurückkehren.

A pintura renasceu!

A pintura deve retornar com força ao cenário da arte contemporânea.

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